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                                        is located in Linzi District, Zibo City, mainly engaged in: (1) fine chemical technology development and service; (2) Refining and purification services of fine chemicals; (3) Fine chemicals, chemical additives, etc.
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                                        Production,storage and Trans...

                                        Production method: the production enterprise mainly adopts the toluene sulfonated method. Continuous production uses three sulfur oxide sulfonated......


                                        The product properties of so...

                                        The properties of sodium p-toluene sulfonate are: white flaky crystals, usually two water crystals, soluble in water (20 67g, 80 260g), soluble in......


                                        Main uses of sodium p-toluen...

                                        1.used as sizing agent for chemical industry and synthetic detergents. As a water assistant solvent for synthetic detergents, adding powder deterg......

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